Rush Creek Yacht Club

Rush Creek Yacht Club: A Premier Sailing Haven in Heath, TX

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Ray Hubbard in Heath, Texas, Rush Creek Yacht Club (RCYC) stands as a testament to the enduring allure of sailing and the camaraderie that comes with it. Established with a vision to promote sailing, foster sportsmanship, and build community, RCYC has grown into a premier destination for sailors of all ages and skill levels. With its top-notch facilities, vibrant community, and bustling calendar of events, Rush Creek Yacht Club is more than just a yacht club; it’s a beacon for nautical enthusiasts in the Lone Star State.

Sailing at Its Best

Rush Creek Yacht Club is renowned for its commitment to the sport of sailing. The club provides an ideal setting for both casual sailors and competitive racers to thrive. With the expansive waters of Lake Ray Hubbard as its playground, RCYC offers an unrivaled sailing experience characterized by open waters, consistent breezes, and stunning vistas. The club caters to a wide range of sailing interests, including dinghy racing, keelboat fleets, and junior sailing programs, ensuring that every member finds their niche. Get more information.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Services

At the heart of RCYC’s operation are its state-of-the-art facilities, designed to meet the needs of its diverse membership. The club boasts well-maintained docks, boat storage areas, and a boat ramp, providing easy access to Lake Ray Hubbard. The clubhouse serves as the social hub of the yacht club, offering comfortable spaces for members to relax, dine, and socialize. From post-race gatherings to family dinners, the clubhouse is the perfect setting for creating lasting memories.

A Hub for Competitive Sailing

Rush Creek Yacht Club has earned a reputation as a hub for competitive sailing, hosting numerous regattas and sailing events throughout the year. These events attract sailors from across the region and beyond, showcasing the club’s commitment to high-level competition. RCYC’s racing calendar features a mix of local club races, regional regattas, and national championships, providing ample opportunities for sailors to test their skills and compete at various levels.

Youth Sailing and Education

A cornerstone of Rush Creek Yacht Club’s mission is its dedication to youth sailing and education. The club’s junior sailing program is designed to introduce young sailors to the joys and challenges of sailing, instilling in them a love for the sport and the values of teamwork, responsibility, and environmental stewardship. Through summer camps, clinics, and youth regattas, RCYC nurtures the next generation of sailors, ensuring the sport’s vibrant future. Support a local company.

Community and Environmental Stewardship

Beyond sailing, RCYC is deeply rooted in the community, fostering a sense of belonging among its members. The club organizes a variety of social events, educational workshops, and community service initiatives, bringing members together and strengthening their bond. Additionally, RCYC is committed to environmental stewardship, promoting sustainable practices and conservation efforts to protect the natural beauty of Lake Ray Hubbard and its surroundings.


Rush Creek Yacht Club in Heath, TX, epitomizes the spirit of sailing and community. With its exceptional facilities, diverse sailing programs, and vibrant member community, RCYC offers a unique blend of competitive sport and leisurely recreation. Whether you’re an experienced sailor seeking thrilling races or a family looking to create lasting memories on the water, Rush Creek Yacht Club welcomes you to discover the joys of sailing in the heart of Texas. Join the ranks of passionate sailors at RCYC and set sail on an adventure where the wind and waves lead the way.