McLendon-Chisholm, Texas has a diverse economy. Its top industries are Health Care & Social Assistance, Retail Trade, and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. Manufacturing and Finance & Insurance are also prominent sectors. The median income in McLendon-Chisholm is $147,542 per year. Get new information.

McLendon-Chisholm is located in Rockwall County, Texas and has a population of 1373. The median home value is $452,400. The median age is 41 years old. Females are slightly younger than males. McLendon-Chisholm is a good place to raise a family.

McLendon-Chisholm’s climate is a mix of hot and humid. In the summer, temperatures can reach nearly 100 degrees. But temperatures in the winter are much more moderate. In addition, McLendon-Chisholm’s climate is mostly cloudy.

The climate in McLendon-Chisholm varies greatly throughout the year. The earliest sunrise occurs on June 12 and the latest sunset is on December 4. In the winter, the temperature is much cooler, with lows around 25 degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest days are December 21 with only 9 hours of daylight, while the hottest days are June 21 with 14 hours of sunlight.

The McLendon-Chisholm Volunteer Fire Department has served the town for 40 years. Its staff is made up of both volunteers and paid personnel. The town council approved the hiring of paid firefighters in January 2018 but is now deciding whether to return to an all-volunteer system. Discover more.

The average growing season in McLendon-Chisholm is 8.7 months long, or 265 days. The shortest growing season is from October to December 15. It is rare for McLendon-Chisholm to be completely free of rainfall. Temperatures are influenced by the wind direction and topography. In McLendon-Chisholm, it is more common to feel windy during July than in February.

The city is home to numerous schools. There are five public schools. Some of the schools in McLendon-Chisholm are named after their founders. In addition to public schools, there are public libraries, private schools, and churches. Other notable institutions include the Central Congregational Church, the National Weather Service Fort Worth, and the North American SuperCorridor Coalition.

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