The city of Lavon is located in Collin County and is among the fastest growing cities in Texas. The city’s population in the 2000 census table was 387, but that number is projected to increase to 4,463 by 2020. It is also home to a large manufacturing center. Residents of Lavon tend to be quite liberal and supportive of local charities and community events.

The climate in Lavon varies greatly throughout the year. The windiest part of the year lasts for about 7.1 months from October 25 to May 29. The average hourly wind speed is about nine miles per hour during this time. During the calmer part of the year, the wind speeds drop to around three percent.

Lavon is a regional center in Northeast Texas. Residents tend to live in a climate that is mild and comfortable. The warmest months are October, May, and June. July is the least comfortable month. There are approximately 3,993 people living in Lavon. Since 2020, the city’s population has increased by 55.9%. Most people in Lavon commute to work alone, with an average commute time of 41.1 minutes. The average home price in Lavon, TX is $308,000, and home values have increased by 20.6% in the past year.

The average temperature in Lavon is around 63 degrees Fahrenheit. The coolest month in Lavon is January, with a high of 37 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of 56 degrees Fahrenheit. On the graph below, you can see how the average temperature changes throughout the year. The thin dotted lines represent average perceived temperatures.

The local population is increasing as new construction homes in master planned communities are built. World-class amenities, a perfect real estate market, and a healthy economy are contributing to the growth. The local employment opportunities are increasing as well, which will benefit property owners in the area. You may even find a high paying job in the area.

The median age of residents in Lavon, TX is 33. It is estimated that 5.48% of Lavon’s population will be uninsured in 2020. The majority of Lavon residents are White. Black and Hispanic residents are the next highest groups. The median household income in Lavon, TX is $42,098.

Compared to other cities in the United States, Lavon has a lower poverty rate than the average. The average poverty rate in any American city is 10-13%, while Lavon’s poverty rate is comparatively lower than that. This is particularly remarkable considering that Lavon is a relatively small town. Different surveys indicate that small cities have more difficult economic conditions than larger cities. Find out more.

The town is located in southeastern Collin County. Early settlers were attracted to the area by the Blackland Prairie’s rich soils. Bear Creek also provided water. In 1888, the St. Louis and Southwestern Railroad laid tracks through the area. The town was named after Lavon Thompson, the son of a postmaster. The town grew from 25 to 300 people by 1910. In the 1950s, Lavon Lake was constructed in the area.

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