It’s a fact nobody wants bees around as they are considered dangerous. However, cicada killers are very docile to humans and pets. On the one hand, males are incapable of stinging. Females are really capable, but anyways they focus their attention on other cicadas rather than on you.

As we all know, their big size is the biggest offense for most of us who are scared of stinging insects. A cicada killer size can make you run the other way at first sight as it is considered the biggest wasp in the United States. As these wasps are constantly burrowing holes into soft and dirt in search of cicadas, you should be aware of your feet as you walk through your yard. 

Continue reading this article to learn more about how cicada killers can easily get confused with murder hornets and how to get rid of them for the safety of your home’s environment. 

Do Not Confuse Them

About a year ago, murder hornets arrived in the United States. This very aggressive wasp is often confused with cicada killers. Still, cicada killers are harmful to humans.

Where To Find Them

Cicada killers are always looking for a home on the ground in areas of full sunlight near trees where cicadas live. They always build their nests underground. It might be seen as simple to the surface, but there is a lot of work below as they make sure the burrow is dug about a foot deep to place the cells for the eggs that will come.

Usually, their tunnels can cause damage to flower beds and lawns, and they multiply rapidly until quickly become overwhelming.

Protect Your Home From Cicada Killers

To ensure your peace of mind and a fully protected outdoor space, the best way to get rid of cicada killers in your yard is by hiring a professional pest control company to take care of the situation. 

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