Termites are one of the most common pests you can find in a house. These destructive habitants do play an important role in our ecosystem. Still, when it comes to attacking our home, they become invaders due to the damage they can cause in our homes. Termites need to be contained right away after identifying their presence before it’s too late.

Since termites can cause severe damage to your residential property, the repair costs for termite damage is worth thousands of dollars depending on the size, home structure, and accessibility of the infestation. To prevent splurging money on repairs or even losing your home due to extensive termite damage, keep reading to learn how to identify termite problems and get rid of these invaders. 

How to know If I Have Termite Invasion?

Many studies in the U.S reflect that more damage is caused to properties every year due to these invaders. Making the proper inspections can be a powerful weapon for homeowners to prevent the creation of future problems.

Damaged Wood

These hateful insects cause many kinds of damage, most commonly dry wood termites, dampwood termites, and subterranean termites, which are more common. These three types of invaders attack homes in different ways. Drywood termites live in tropical zones and leave wood powder where they burrow. They also tunnel too close to the surface.

Dampwood termite damage is reflected in the form of a wood that feels soft to the touch. These invaders usually attack moisture-damaged wood, and they usually don’t show external damage. On the other hand, subterranean termites are the most common invaders. Since they cannot live in the open air, they build their homes with timber. 

A great way of spotting these invaders is by probing timber with a screwdriver. If the timber sounds hollow, it’s because they have already settled in your property. 

Flying Swarmers

These invaders get ready to attack in large groups during summer and look for new settlements. If you spot winged insects emerging from soil or wood, you should get ready because that means termites are actively nearby. Another way to consider is by spotting their wings on the floor around doors on windows as they cast off wings since they are drawn to light. 

Shelter Tubes Construction 

If you see some mud tubes, you have spotted the enemy in front of you. These invaders build shelter tubes made out of dirt particles cemented together by their saliva and other liquids. These shelter tubes allow termites to move from their nests to their feeding sites without being exposed to dehydration. You can commonly see these shelter tubes in walls, attics, or floor joists. 

Termite Control: Inspections / Removal 

Many of these inspections can be done by homeowners. However, It is not recommended to battle these invaders by yourself. These termite problems should be done by a professional and knowledgeable pest control company. Spidermen Services in Rockwall, TX superheroes ready to battle and provide termite control. With many years of experience, we are ready to provide you the best solution for termite problems.