Florence Ranch Homestead

Located at 1424 Barnes Bridge Rd, Mesquite, TX 75150, the Florence Ranch homestead is a quaint family outpost in the bowels of Texas. The teeming matriarchs of the Florence clan were among the early settlers of what would eventually become the Texan metropolis. The family possessed 730 acres of real estate to call their own and had more than a passing interest in the arts and sciences.  They were also the first family to get a post office in the new town. It is no surprise that the homestead is named after the Florence family. It is also no surprise that the first female Mesquite Parks Board member was Perle Florence.

A visit to the illustrious landmark can prove rewarding in more ways than one. The state of Texas is also home to a number of small towns and rural districts that preserve the area’s past and present glory days. A tour of one of these locales can show the illiterate that there’s more to Texas than the state capital. The following are just a few of the many stops on your tour of the lonesome frontier. Among the aforementioned is the Opal Lawrence Memorial Park. This site oozing with Texas history aficionados is home to an intriguing collection of antebellum farmhouses and a plethora of art and antiques. This collection of antebellum and Victorian style estates is an enigma to the uninitiated and a treasure trove to those with a keen interest in Texas history. The site is a launching pad to more intriguing locales such as Canyon, San Saba, and Del Rio.. Or something more local.

Among the many buildings and structures, there is the Fanthorp Inn, which was constructed in 1871 by David and Julia Florence. The inn is a good example of rural Texas architecture of the late 19th century. A more modern facility was built in the 1920s. The town also boasts a year-round hot springs complex. The city also boasts a small museum, which is a nice place to learn about the town’s past. The best part is that there are no admission fees!

Another notable building is the Bayless-Selby House, which has Victorian-era home arts on display. It is also home to the Cross Timbers Winery, which produces a fine gin. The town is also home to a small museum, which is located inside a 1916 Methodist church. View the next place.