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The City of Fate is located just east of Rockwall inside Rockwall County. Further to the east is Royse City. Fate is a growing community of mostly homes. Little commercial property is available in Fate, but there have been some recent development in the commercial space around Interstate 30.

Fate is currently undergoing many changes and growth. Part of this is their rejuvenation of downtown Fate. They also have a full comprehensive plan that includes restaurants, apartments and other commercial opportunities in or new downtown Fate.

Downtown Fate

Downtown Fate has experienced a rejuvenation in the past several years, in part due to significant public investments in the roadways, streetscape, and public spaces. A directive from the community through this process has been to continue the momentum that has been occurring downtown to make it an even better place to live, work, shop, and play. View More.

Growth In Fate

Growth management is a critical component to current and long-range planning in communities. With additional residential and commercial development comes the need for extensions or expansions of utility and roadway infrastructure as well as more demand on existing City services such as police, fire, emergency medical services, waste collection and general administrative services. Growth that is coordinated amongst different City departments, utility providers, transportation providers, and developers is essential for long-term prosperity. More information.

History of Fate

According to tradition, the city was named after Lafayette “Fate” Brown, a pioneer settler. However, The unique name of the town is derived from a nickname of one of two residents, either William Lafayette Brown or GW Lafayette Peyton. Which former resident named the City has been debated for years.

There were two influential gentlemen nicknamed “Fate” who lived in the area during the 1860s. Three important aspects of life played a role in the naming of the City, land ownership, a post office, and the railroad. Since the town was small, it is likely that both the Brown and Peyton families were common relatives with Fate’s first postmaster Harvey Peyton White and could have been named after either or both men.