Considered one of the most stubborn pests to handle, they will multiply quickly once cockroaches are in your commercial property. Cockroaches are a serious threat to the commercial industry. Specifically, if you are in the foodservice, food processing, hospitality, or healthcare facilities, they can end up bringing down your business as they are generally disgusting.

For many business owners, cockroaches are something easy to handle. However, sometimes, it gets a lot harder than expected. To keep this unwanted pest out of your business, hiring a professional and regular pest control service is recommended to ensure a safe and clean business environment. Keep reading to learn more about what businesses might be doing that attract cockroaches.

5 Common Cockroaches In Commercial Properties

One of the very first steps you should take is to know which types of cockroaches might be trying to take your business down. There are over 3,000 types. Still, these are the five common ones:

  • German cockroach
  • Brown-banded cockroach
  • Oriental cockroach
  • Smoky brown cockroach

All these cockroaches carry many different germs and bacterias on their legs and body so that they will contaminate your food and work areas. Because of the number of fences and shed skins, they cause asthma in people with health problems. Also, the pheromones they produce can contaminate the air and the food you’re serving, causing your business to fail.

  • Restaurants

  • Hotels

  • Hospital Facilities

  • Food Processing Businesses


What Attracts Cockroaches


Cockroaches are always in search of moisture, so even a minimal amount of liquid can attract them. Also, it is common that food crumbles are left in the working areas or food service areas, and that’s another invitation for them to take your business. These four different commercial facilities also share a common point that is one of the main reasons they have these unwanted pests.

Even though the business areas are cleaned up daily, cockroaches still live there most of the time. That’s why it is recommended to always have regular pest maintenance to ensure they are gone and never coming back. Most restaurants or food processing facilities have the perfect environment for cockroaches.

They love warm temperatures between 85° to 90°F and humidity levels over 90%. So this explains why most industrial kitchens provide the perfect place for cockroaches. The most common areas for them to hide are behind stoves, water heating pipes, and refrigerators.

Keep Roaches Away From Your Business

Make sure no cockroach gets near your business. At Spidermen Services, we offer professional pest control services in Rockwall, TX, including our pest-free program with no locked contract needed. Learn more about our services and how we can help your business stay safe from these invaders.