Ablon Park

Located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Ablon Park is an ode to the great outdoors and the good ol’ fashioned outdoorsman. Located on 10.7 acres of land, the park boasts a pond with a fishing pier and an appropriately sized picnic area. It’s also less than a mile from Interstate 30. Its location also makes it a perfect candidate for a day out on the town with the kids. You can explore this destination at 3850 Ablon Trail, Garland, TX 75043.

In addition to the park’s many amenities, the park’s eponymous road also sports a surprisingly robust network of trails, which make for a nice outing when the weather is decent. If you’re looking for a way to spend the evening with the kids or a date, the park’s quaint paved trails will be more than enough for your picnic sized appetite. It’s also worth noting that it’s only a quick jaunt from the city’s best shopping and dining destinations, including the aforementioned Oaks Branch Park, a quick jaunt to the Galleria, or a short hop to downtown Dallas. Go here too.

While it may not be the largest, it’s still a worthy contender for your next family outing. The park’s main road also plays host to the city’s newest waterpark, so be sure to bring the kids along for a day of aquatic fun. The city’s most recent addition, the Aquatic Adventures Family Zone, is a perfect complement to the park’s many activities, and it’s a great place to unwind on a hot summer day.

Ablon Park boasts a lot of high-tech features. It is a small community park, but it is a nice place to picnic or play. One of its best features is the pond with a fishing pier.

Aside from the pond, the park also features a paved trail that stretches for nearly a mile. The park is situated on 10.7 acres of land.

In addition to the pond and the trail, the park boasts a large shelter, a snazzy restroom and a well-designed picnic area. The park is a short walk from Interstate 30. The park is also close to Oaks Branch Park, another well-known local gem. Fortunately, there are a number of other parks in the area.

It is not surprising then that Ablon Park is the location of choice for a number of Garland residents. It is really a great place.This is especially true of older residents who are looking to get out of the house and into the fresh air. The park is also convenient for families with children, as it sits less than a mile from the nearest I-30 access point.

The park is also close to Oaks Branch and New Hope, two other major draws. The park is also located close to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and its environs, as well as several other Texas communities. With so much to see and do in the area, the park might be a good fit for a long weekend or a weeklong vacation.